rededge1Red Edge Solutions specialises in providing automated solutions to both corporates and SMEs. With a resource compliment of over 70 Project Managers, Business Consultants, Change Management Consultants, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Developers and Database Administrators, we provide high-quality and proven solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors, with whom we partner to deliver bespoke solutions to meet customer specific requirements.

Data privacy and safeguarding has become a critical business matter impacting all organisations around the globe as countries, provinces, organisations and individuals are increasingly campaigning for personal data to be kept private and safe. It has therefore become crucial for organisations to establish and practise comprehensive data privacy regulations and processes.

Automated technologies provide the mechanism for enabling data privacy compliance at all levels in the organisation. There are a number of key features at both the database and application levels, which can assist with network privacy compliance; database and backup data encryption; identity management; access control; and auditing technologies.

Our technologies include inter alia, human resource administration, compensation and payroll administration, recruiting administration, performance management and workforce development.

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