Red Edge Solutions, an ICT solutions provider with emphasis on governance and compliance offer businesses a complete POPI compliance solution.

As POPI will not only impact your business from a legal perspective, but also from a business process perspective, we have identified a step by step solution that will not only assist with legal compliance, but will also aid your business in adjusting its current business policies and processes. This 360 Solution also allows for software solutions where required.

  Step 1      POPI awareness training:
  • These training sessions are essential for providing an overview of POPI, and why it is imperative to regulate the manner in which personal information is processed.
  • Business processes and information systems that are likely to be impacted, as well as the consequences of non-compliance, are also discussed.
  Step 2      Identification and analysis of existing business policies and procedures:
  • A GAP analysis of your business’ existing policies and business procedures will be conducted and compared to the requirements of POPI and all other legislation which provides for personal information. Client and employee interactions will be the main focus areas.
  • The POPI 360 Solution also provides for the drafting or amending of relevant policies and business procedures, if required.
  Step 3      Align existing business policies and procedures with regulatory requirements:
  • Drawing from the GAP analysis results, areas of potential risk will be identified and a customised solution to align your business’ existing business policies and procedures with regulatory requirements are presented.
  Step 4      Update IT Systems:
  • The POPI 360 Solution provides for the updating or changing of existing IT systems, as well as for new IT infrastructure implementation if and when required. The necessary expertise could be provided for the amendment of the IT systems.
  Step 5      Amendment of manual: Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA):
  • To provide for the amendments required by POPI, your company’s PAIA manual will be amended.
  Step 6      Implementation training:
  • All relevant employees will be trained regarding the changes to business processes, policies and systems.